Onepoto Bridge and environs

For today’s walk we decided to trek all the way down to Onepoto Bridge at the bottom of Onewa Road just before you get on the motorway.

It’s a cool bit of design, bikes and pedestrians only. Check (or Tick as they say here).

This was our longest walk of lockdown and hopefully that record will hold because by next weekend we might be allowed to go to the beach.

We saw several of the occasional themes of this blog…

… mosaic

… manhole cover

… several big lockdown bears including this guy who likely suffers from more than one of the factors contributing to homelessness.

And some other suburban stuff that we don’t usually write about…

The drive-in COVID testing station which had multi-hour waiting lines just a few weeks ago…

… a very relaxed cat

… and a tiny library in an old microwave oven.

14,000+ steps and a stop at the Asian supermarket later, we arrived safely home and haven’t done much since!

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