Stepping Out

Sunday walk to the Northcote Point area. Got our 10,000 steps in before breakfast. We also saw…

Manhole covers. WTF is still the best in town. But today I learned it was the Waitete Foundry… I thought the W was for Waitakere. I’ll have to dig deeper on the Waitete Foundry… there’s definitely material on it to sort through.

A flock of black swans. I always thought ‘black swan’ was the very definition of rarity, but here in NZ they’re all black.

A really massive pohutukawa tree. The picture doesn’t really show how big it was, but that’s me in there for a bit of scale.

Epiphytic ferns on old tree stump. My mom used to love staghorn ferns that she grew in sphagnum moss pockets… they were branchier than these, but same idea I reckon.

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