Tienda peligrosa

That’s my former colleague and current buddy Lucio enjoying a plate of food at the Pachamama Latin American market last Sunday. Lucio is Brazilian, which is similar but different to the Spanish speaking countries who made up the market vendors, so he and I (along with Indian colleague and buddy Yaseen whose hand you can see on the left) could all feel like tourists together.

The market itself was smaller than we expected. We had lunch, got some treats, and basically that was that. I wasn’t even going to post a story because I didn’t get any good pictures.

But then, on Tuesday, we started hearing about Covid-19 in the wild for the first time in about 8 months. And then on Wednesday, while we were all doomscrolling the list of “locations of interest”, there it was: the Pachamama market.

We apparently missed being there at the same time as the infectious person by a few minutes… whew! So, no danger after all. But I will definitely remember that market more vividly than otherwise.

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