The Suite Life

There is big money in enterprise-level IT stuff. Which means there’s a big marketing budget. And so I found myself a guest of a company I don’t even buy from at last night’s All Blacks game vs Australia. We had seats in a Chairman’s Club box pretty close to field level. That meant a great view of the field, a bar and buffet, and even a post-game appearance by a former Al Black and current coach. Sweet as!

As usual, the All Blacks won, meaning we kept the Bledisloe Cup for the umpteenth time. Yay.

Here’s the opening haka, which is supposed to intimidate the opponents. Seems to work!

After the game they took us all to a big and popular downtown club. Not the sort of thing I do. I’ve crossed some age threshold, because instead of saying to myself something like “wow that girl is hot!” I was much more thinking “I wonder how her folks deal with her dressing like that?”

It was great to be wined and dined, even if I’m too old and jaded to be quite as impressed as I might have been a few years ago.

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