Toi Tū Toi Ora

There we are, totally color coordinated during our visit to the Auckland Art Gallery survey of contemporary Māori art Toi Tū Toi Ora. It’s billed as the biggest such exhibit ever. You can take the virtual tour if you want to visit.

The experience was structured to follow Māori creation mythology… we proceeded from darkness into light, from light to life, etc.

The art was artsy, some we liked more, some less. The artist / curator statements were especially high tone, aka pretentious. I can recognize intellectually that the significance of a lot of this artistic journey is lost on me, but that doesn’t necessarily make the explanations enjoyable…

Some of our best moments were actually watching our fellow museum goers, including an aging surfer dude and the staunch young activist above.

Neither of us is an unequivocal art gallery fan, but this was a fun afternoon (and followed by a really nice French restaurant dinner).

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