For who knows what reasons, traffic has been worse the last few weeks, especially in the mornings as I’m trying to get to work. So, I’ve been leaving earlier and earlier to try and get ahead of the congestion. That’s not terrible… I’m usually awake anyway.

Some days I’ve been using the extra time for a longer swimming pool session (or a few minutes in the hot tub), and other times I’ve shown up at the office early to tame the email beast.

But on several recent mornings I’ve just taken a walk, something I’ve missed since moving to the new house and driving to work. Here’s a few pictures…

The old spiritualist society has turned into a boxing gym. I don’t know if boxing gyms are enjoying a worldwide spurt in popularity, or if it’s a local phenomenon… But you can’t swing a heavy bag around here without bumping into one.

Here’s a utility box painted by Paul X Walsh who I think is the best of the utility box muralists operating in Auckland today.

These cabbage trees are descended, supposedly, from the original cabbage tree which gave Newmarket its Maori name: Te Tī Tūtahi, meaning ‘Sacred Cabbage Tree Standing Alone’.

The sweetgum trees on this street were strangled by their previous metal frames. These new flexible porous mats should let them breathe a little better.

Garden art in Birkenhead.

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