Waiheke Swim

Making friends is a funny thing, and you don’t always know how it’s going to turn out. After swimming near a guy most mornings we got to chatting a bit… which is to say he broke through from the quick smile and nod into whatever that next bit of conversation was. He’s obviously good at that kind of chit chat and has since introduced me to several others in the pool.

So now I have a new friend, which is especially nice when you’re a foreigner. He came to our housewarming party and we have an invite to brunch for some unspecified time. We’re of an age and have some business things in common and he’s always got interesting things to say or stories to tell.

So when he invited me to his annual Easter weekend swim off Waiheke Island, of course I’d like to join. The only catch is that it’s a nude swim, from a nude beach. Hmmm.

Well, there’s a first time for everything. Body parts have been exposed to the air, and lightning didn’t strike anybody dead. I met some of the other regulars at that beach, all very nice… they have quite a little community out there. Other than that one obvious thing that was different, it was a strikingly normal trip. Luckily it was pretty cloudy, so my biggest fear — of a really unpleasant sunburn — didn’t come to pass.

And we had a nice swim!

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