Non swim

After yesterday’s marine excursion I was in no shape to join my pod of swimmers for today’s rough and tumble adventure. The wind and waves were too high for me.

But we’d planned a post-swim BBQ and I didn’t want to miss that! So we went down to the beach and took a walk before joining the gang for brunch.

Here’s a pied shag drying off after his morning dip.

This bronze plaque at the base of a pillar caught my eye. I expected something about the Queen, or maybe a dedication of the beachside improvements including that nice walkway, or something like that.

But no… in an extraordinary act of self-importance, the North Shore Rotary Club would like to tell you how long the beach is! But not even that… they just want to tell you how far it is to their other plaque. Sheesh.

Armed with that information, we headed over to Christina’s house for the BBQ, where a good time was had by all.

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