Yesterday, Friday, was a day like most others… except full of a vague dread.

I started the day expecting a difficult conversation with my bosses. However, after looking at my slides overnight, they decided they wanted to wait until next week.

When I opened the news, I learned about an earthquake off the coast which had happened overnight. We didn’t feel it here, but it left us with tsunami warnings. Then another quake, and another, and more coastal warnings, and people having picnics on high ground. Thankfully, the earthquakes stayed mostly out at sea, and there was no human damage to speak of. My evening swim was canceled.

And with all this waiting, 4:00 PM was looming … The moment when the government was to announce either an extension or an end to our weeklong Covid lockdown. As things transpired, there were no new cases in the community, and so the lockdown will end as originally hoped on Sunday morning.

So, another day, none of the bad things actually happened. Nonetheless, I found myself completely knackered come evening time.

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