The Prada Armada

Today we got to go out on workmate Mariie’s boat to see the yacht racing. It’s the Prada Cup, in which the USA, Italy, and the UK are fighting to see who will take on NZ in the Americas Cup in March.

But while almost everything is perfect in New Zealand (sorry, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful), we haven’t yet learned to control the winds. Today’s light, patchy conditions made for poor racing, and especially for Team USA, who got thumped in both races. In the photo, America is on the right heading to the third leg, while the Italians are a full length ahead and in the home stretch.

Despite all that, a bad day on the water is still a damn fine day. We drank Prosecco and ate sandwiches, chatted about anything and everything, and generally had a great time.

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