Let there be music

This was our weekend to enjoy some live music performances.

On Friday night – after a very good Japanese dinner with Isabella – we saw a community production of Mamma Mia featuring several of my band mates. We remember despising the movie… I am the only person in the world who doesn’t adore Meryl Streep. But this time we laughed and cried and sang along as young Sophie evaded the marital trap and Donna and the Dynamos got their groove back.

Last night we went just down the road to Little Shoal Bay for carols in the park. This was a far cry from the Coca-Cola sponsored Christmas music event we have been to on a couple of previous occasions back in the old neighborhood. Just a few hundred people sitting around on blankets, some with picnics, and a band thrown together for the occasion.

I think at least some of the band members are used to rocking a bit harder than this gig called for… the intro to O Come All Ye Faithful sounded a LOT like the beginning of Teenage Wasteland to me. But actually spicing up the standard carols worked really well, and it was a nice evening.

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