Around North Head 2020

For the second year running (no, swimming) I completed the Devonport Swim Club’s Round North Head swim.

Keen readers will see that I’m not wearing a wetsuit this year. This swim is known for its Freedom Division, which lets you enter the water in just your swim costume, chuck said costume into a boat which goes off toward the finish line, and then you retrieve your togs just before exiting the water.

Titillating but chilly! And losing the sleek floaty wetsuit meant I was about 8 minutes slower this time.

Surely the sight of all those beautiful nude swimmer bodies was worth the blue lips and shivers? Sadly no… (despite looking carefully) I didn’t see a darn thing I wouldn’t have seen on the beach due to the roiled-up cloudy water. As they would say if they were as clever as me: turbidity prevented turgidity!

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