Now it’s official

We had the New Zealand ritual meal of takeaway fish n chips, so it’s settled… we have a new home. Although the actual move was last Monday, we’ve taken all week to get (mostly) unpacked, organize our stuff into its new spaces, etc. Lee actually made it to work a couple days, I’m in school today and back to work Monday.

The place wasn’t nearly as clean as we would have liked, and we’ve discovered a bunch of little things that should have been working but aren’t. We’ve also been on a bit of a buying spree to take advantage of more space, especially outdoor space. So between hardware store stuff, tradesmen, and decorating, the budget is blown for the next few months.

Still and all, it’s ours, and that’s a wonderful feeling, if slightly unnerving… who takes on such a mortgage at our age? And what about all the things that might break?

Oh well, as they say here, she’ll be right.

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