Well blow me down!

Yesterday we excitedly set off to close on and pick up the keys to our new home in Birkenhead. But shortly after we got on the freeway, we found ourselves stuck in what turned out to be a 2-hour-+ traffic jam.

In what today’s paper calls a “once in a decade” gust of wind, two trucks blew over on the middle of the Harbour Bridge. When we finally got past it all, we drove by one of them, pic above.

But it was the other truck that will cause us longer-term problems. It skidded into some vulnerable bit of bridge structure which will result in weeks of lane closures. The bridge will be at only half capacity during that time. Work from home here we come.

We always knew that moving to the North Shore was a trade off between convenient commuting (our current rental) and affordable ownership. But this is not exactly the trade off we were expecting… Luckily the pandemic has sharpened our WFH skills!

And PS, the closing went off without any problems, and we are Kiwi homeowners. The movers come on Monday, although the cost just went up for the time they’ll sit in bridge traffic.

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