No more to roam

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything on the blog. We’ve made a big life decision, and I felt a bit superstitious about announcing it too early. But here we are. And as of mid-September, there we will be.

After looking at a lot of houses and waffling back and forth about what was truly important to us, we took a second look at this one… once before lockdown and once after… and it just felt like home.

It’s in Birkenhead, on the other side of the harbour. That means we will both have a commute of up to hour if we take the bus. But we got a lot more house for the money on a quieter street, and we decided it was worth it, particularly as we move to some amount of working from home thanks to the virus.

The closing is pushed out till mid-September so the current owners can find a new place. The market is all over the place thanks to the pandemic so it will be some time before we know how our investment will pan out. But interest rates are insanely low, so we won’t be paying much more than our current rent each month.

It’s the biggest commitment we’ve yet made to the idea of staying here permanently. But with the USA literally and figuratively on fire, that choice is easier than ever. In 30+ years together we’ve amassed a large body of evidence that there ain’t no such thing as permanent, so it would be silly to start making predictions now. Let’s see what adventures come our way.

Now begins the shopping…

2 thoughts on “No more to roam

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  1. Woweekazowee!!!
    It’s so beautiful.
    I’m verrrry happy for you because you both deserve all good things


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