In your neighborhood

Today’s morning and evening walks took us to familiar spots where we discovered various things we’d never seen. But some of the enduring themes of this blog were in evidence…

These cherry trees were presented by the Prime Minister of Japan on a visit in 1980, as proven by a plaque on the ground.

This knocker is just up the street from us.

This high end clarinet shop (!!!) is down the other end of the block. I was just about to take my horn to a regular music shop for annual maintenance but now I’m thinking about the atelier… so what if it’s more expensive to have my beautiful Buffet treated like fine jewels???

In the evening, we went down to the shore and watched some water birds grazing in the tranquil bay.

Further down the shoreline path we passed a spot that previously yielded a bunch of old crockery shards, and there was an easy handful again tonight.

Amazingly, the two pieces in the front with part of the Little Jack Horner nursery rhyme were found on different trips months apart.

Although the strictest part of NZ’s COVID-19 lockdown ends next Tuesday, these walks will be around as long as we care to pay attention to what’s around us.

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