Highwic House Tour

That’s Highwic, home to the Buckland family from the 1860s to the 1950s, now owned by the City and open for tours. It sits just up the hill from the office, and I often walk its grounds on lunch hour or when I’m stuck on a long conference call. But I’d never actually taken the tour. So Lee came and met me for lunch and we did the whole visit.

The front door has a lovely knocker.

After a thorough introduction from the docent , we were free to wander the restored and decorated rooms. The Bucklands were well to do, working in the cattle business mostly, with a bit of land dealing on the side. So, their standard of living was pretty good, but not royal. Most of the furniture on display was not original to the house, but donated later by various “Friends of…” type groups.

All very nice.

The property once covered 10 acres with views right out to the water, but only about 1.5 are preserved. And now it’s hemmed in on three sides by the gargantuan new Westfield mall. Sad.

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