Arts and Crafts

Lee has been doing a bunch of artsy projects lately. Here’s the newest. She took this hall table we picked up online, painted it, then applied the two old prints, found somewhat damaged at an op shop, using trusty Mod Podge.

The prints themselves are interesting in their own right. The top one is a picture of the famous Pink and White Terraces, New Zealand’s most famous attraction in the late 19th century… until they were destroyed and/or submerged in 1889 by the eruption of Mt. Tarawera. It was painted by John Barr Clark Hoyte, who was a prolific artist and is much collected these days. We just learned about the Terraces recently after Lee stopped to chat with a utility box artist doing a more surreal interpretation of them…

On the lower level is a picture of Mt. Tongariro by Charles Decimus Barraud. He was “an enthusiastic amateur ” according to the biographer. Peter Jackson made good use of Tongariro in the Lord of the Rings movies.

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