Catching Up

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks here in Lake Whaungangong, my hometown.

In addition to seeing Downton Abbey, my birthday included cupcakes and ice cream, a nice walk around St. Heliers, a giant church rummage sale (not pictured) and a great dinner out.

Besides that, it’s been workaday life punctuated by weekend stuff: ocean swimming on Sundays, a boat ride and picnic, day trips around town.

Winter is giving way to spring, and the final citrus harvests from Tom’s grapefruit tree yielded gallons of delicious juice.

Now it’s wisteria time, and the tulips are blooming.

I’ve joined a community jazz band, the Auckland Big Band, and I’m busy learning the repertoire. My first gig with them will be at a retirement home in early December.

Local elections are coming up soon.

Desley Simpson, who looks quite a bit older in person, has plastered her campaign picture all over town. Defacing things is bad, but the observation that she is the voice of big money is not unreasonable. She really always wears things in that pink color.

That’s all for now…

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