Who’s the fairest?

Our furnished rental house came equipped with a very sleek black and white colour scheme. It showed well, but over time we have found both the furniture and the decor to be too sterile.

We’ve been acquiring stuff of our own here and there, but the dining room wall was still home to some old framed stock photos. They were only united by the B&W scheme.

So, did a thing we’ve done before: a collection of mirrors… united only in being mirrors, I suppose, but still happier for us than the noir.

We laid them all out on a sheet first, trying a bunch of different arrangements before ending up pretty close to the very first design. The sheet technique worked great for transferring the positions to the wall.

Whenever we do move out it will be a fair bit of work to restore the look back to the original… maybe we’ll choose to say goodbye to some of our deposit.

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