Just swimmingly

I finally worked up the courage to join a group of open water swimmers today for their regular Sunday swim. I’d been following them on MeetUp for a while, but hadn’t quite motivated to actually go.

It was a beautiful morning at Mairangi Bay. Water was about 14-15 degrees C. Most of me was covered in wetsuit, and that was fine after the initial OMG. But my hands and especially my toes were chilly for sure… more gear needed.

It was a big group for this bunch and for the time of year, 18 people in the water. We swam maybe 45 minutes. Swimming straight without lane lines is hard! And the presence of waves, even little ones, adds a new dimension, as does the added buoyancy from salt water and wetsuit. And then there’s the part about not stopping every few minutes to rest.

But even with all that, I enjoyed the challenge, and the camaraderie. Best part might have been the date scone after…

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