We support the monarchy

This was our first butterfly shortly before she came out of her chrysalis.

And a couple hours later, although we missed the actual event.

Because the caterpillars were being eaten very effectively by wasps and other predators, we took steps to bring some inside. The upstairs shower is now a caterpillar nursery with an expected crop of up to 20 butterflies over the next few weeks.

Caterpillars poop a lot.

We did get to watch one wriggle into its sleeping bag, though.

I haven’t really thought about the whole butterfly life cycle thing since learning about it in elementary school. But now that we’ve taken this little step to plant a couple of milkweed plants… it’s amazing!!

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  1. Monarchs on their south, or on their way north (I don’t remember) would spend a few days in Monterey’s trees. Being witness to their multiplicity and beauty was a highlight of my young life on the West Coast.


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