New Year’s Road Trip Stop 4: Palmy North

Exhibit A: We first heard of Palmerston North when Sparky, a small time crook character on Outrageous Fortune, had to lay low for a while in the worst place he could think of.

Exhibit B: Then we heard Laura Daniels’s great anthem about Palmy on Jono and Ben (may they rest in peace).

Exhibit C: We just watched Bandersnatch, which was awesome.

So… pick one option about our recent trip to Palmerston North.

Option 1: we stopped in town, had a nice meal, toured the city garden, the galleries, and a quirky corn-themed museum. We even visited the landfill named for John Cleese (who said Palmerston North was a perfect place for people who wanted to commit suicide but didn’t have the courage).

Option 2: we drove right through because we were tired and only halfway to the hotel in New Plymouth.

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