Auckland Zoo

We went to the zoo last weekend, not because we so love zoos, but more because it’s an Attraction, and while here we should see the Attractions.

The baboons were playful, but many of the other animals seemed pretty sleepy, and who could blame them? It was a warm day, and napping in the sunshine was definitely a savvy option.

We glimpsed an elephant getting a bath…

and pregnant zebras munching apples and carrots…

And by the way, once you’ve had the chance to say zebra with a short e, you’ll never go back to zeeeeebra.

There were lots of cool birds, although I didn’t get any really inspired pics of them, they were mostly too far away or moved too fast. But the tortoise was obliging of my slow shutter finger…

It’s a pretty big place and we were definitely tired by the time we got done. Would be fun to go back at dawn or dusk sometime when the critters might be more active.

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