Lucky seven

The Brattleboro Adventure blog turned seven the other week. Over that time, it’s changed to be more pictures and fewer words, and gone from Tumblr to WordPress, and moved to the other side of the world. Facebook decided they can’t tell the difference between my musings and a Russian troll site, so they won’t allow me to syndicate any longer.

With all those changes, it’s still a pretty good record of what I’ve been up to, and at least a window into what I’m thinking. I’ve never been much of a social correspondent, no matter how close I feel to someone far away. So although I’m not really proud to say it, this is often the best way for people who are interested to see what’s been happening with me.

I have each year’s posts printed into a book… I’m now on the second company doing that. I liked the first guys better, but they seem to have given up after running into software problems they couldn’t solve.

Thanks for looking, enjoy the pictures, hopefully for another seven years!

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