Chamber of Christmas

Last night we headed downtown to check out the decorations. Maybe this is what Christmas felt like in NYC 50 years ago?

Anyway, various businesses sponsor things all over the center of town so you’ll feel the Christmas spirit and buy stuff.

These big baubles were scattered around as were a few giant wrapped presents. But inside the presents were little vignettes of Kiwi Christmas. Like a whole tree of jandals… flip-flops to you and me.

We saw the town tree…

and the giant Santa at Farmers…

The other big department store (think Macy’s and Gimbels) is famous for their decorated windows, and that was pretty good too. They did a whole puppet show called “A Pirate’s Night Before Christmas.” At first we were skeptical, but it actually worked.

All this was tiring work so we stopped into a Belgian bar (at least as authentic as the Irish Pub down the road) for some much needed fortification…

So, now we are officially in the Christmas spirit!!

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