All politics is local

Every Friday at 4:00, we knock off for drinks, a wonderful tradition.

Unexpectedly, this guy showed up, because he was in the neighborhood knows one of the company founders. Ok, cool.

He turns out to be David Seymour, a Member of Parliament and leader of the ACT party. ACT, if I had to describe them with an unflattering high school metaphor, is the party where all the AV Club geeks went after they finished their econ and poli sci degrees. They poll around 5%, which in NZ must be like 93 votes.

But all that aside, he turned out to be a shockingly charming, intensely informed, and genuinely funny guy.

And so to the Santa hat. Throughout our conversation, he was clutching a shopping bag, and I eventually realized it had a Santa hat in. Why the hat? Turns out he has to judge a bike decoration contest next weekend. He quipped about how New Zealand adores the ritual humiliation of its politicians. I assured him it wasn’t just NZ. And then I asked him for a picture with the hat.

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