Let the exploration continue!

We hopped the ferry aaaallllll the way to Devonport last weekend, our first ferry ride here. It’s closer in real life than it looked on the map, so actually the ride only took about 12 minutes. Whatever. The boat itself was kinda cool, being built with the bow and stern identical so it can go in either direction without having to turn around.

When we got off it seemed like a different world, however. Warmer, sunnier. Microclimate?

We found some touristy shoppes, a drugstore where we picked up a few things, and a fabulous used bookstore (accumulating British first editions of John Carter books opens up a whole new can of worms). But maybe best of all, we found a hardware store!

We don’t have one in our neighborhood, and it’s been surprising how much we miss it. There are big-box home centers we can get to on the bus… but this was better.

So, loaded down with books, vitamins, and a couple of DIY projects, we decided to go mountain climbing.

Volcano? What volcano?

Oh, that volcano!!

Mt. Victoria only rises about 300 feet above the harbor, but that’s enough to have a say in who enters the harbor. Thus, Ft. Victoria and it’s enormous disappearing gun…

Only ever fired once, and not in anger… so many windows broke in town that they had to abort the testing or face an uprising!

After all that, we were more than ready for a café (with liquor license) to fortify us for the epic sea voyage home.

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