You may remember me from shows such as…

We’ve been streaming a lot of Kiwi TV since getting here, and it’s been fun and educational both. This guy played played a charming but devious criminal in Outrageous Fortune, and a genuinely nice guy in Nothing Trivial. We liked him in both roles. Those shows are both done, and apparently he’s been working overseas since then. But he has young kids, and wanted to be home more. 

According to a magazine ad we saw this week, he’s given up life on camera and taken a job as a celebrity real estate agent. I dare say the new job pays at least as well as any but the very most lucrative acting gig, given that there are plenty of neighborhoods here with multimillion dollar median prices. Gud on ya, mate. 

If I were selling a fancy house, having a famous and good-looking guy representing me seems like it would be a great thing. But as a buyer, would I really trust a guy who I absolutely know can create a completely false reality and make me totally believe it?

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