Viva Italia

This weekend’s Newmarket Italian Festival was significantly impacted by wind and rain. So, I didn’t investigate the food stalls and so on. 

But, on the way home from the pool I did make a quick detour to the Lumsden Green to see who came out from the Italian motorcycle club and the Ferrari Owners Club. A few diehards braved the rain and showed off their babies. 

This 1971 Dino 246 did 0-100kph in 7.3 seconds… not the fastest Ferrari, but still a lot of car in the day. The fastest 2018 Camry reports 5.5 seconds. Much of what I still don’t know about myself after 52 years boils down to how I feel about those two facts and other sets of facts just like them. 

The other attraction was the local Roman Legion re-enactor group… doesn’t every town have one now? There were 8 or 10 of them sloshing around in their homemade costumes, but I didn’t get a pic before they headed off to conquer Gaul or something like that. 

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