Ethnic Eats

We have experience with only two NZ workplaces, so maybe this is representative or maybe not. But, both have surprisingly well-equipped kitchens. Which is cool, so hopefully it is representative. 

At my office, we have a monthly cooking club called Ethnic Eats… each member cooks every 3 or 4 months and we share and it all works out great. Last month, it was “spicy for winter” and my enchilada casserole was a big hit. This month, the theme was “mum food,” as in the food your mum used to make. As it happened, all the cooks this month were Indian (which is the modal software developer here as I think everywhere). So, biryani, dhal, etc., and a lively discussion about the details of Indian cuisine… saying “Indian cuisine” at all is apparently a giant lumping together of things that are actually quite different. 

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