Orange you glad

This is serious citrus country… lemons and limes and mandarins and oranges and grapefruit all grow happily in people’s backyards. The break room at work often has a pile of excess fruit. 

So, a few weeks ago, we ended up with quite a basket of mixed fruits. I thought I would make a sort of lemonade, doing it the Joy if Cooking way where you boil some rinds in with the syrup for extra flavor. So I did, and it came out pretty good. 

But who drinks that much lemonade? Not us. So, we froze a bunch into little citrus ice cubes. All good. But still, it turns out to be a hassle to reconstitute the cubes into breakfast juice, and it’s actually pretty tart. 

Hmmm. A tart citrus ice cube on a warm weekend… whatever shall we do?

#sundayfunday !

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