The quick and the dead

We’ve noticed a few organisations here that made us think SCAM!!! Like this one. There were posters in the window explaining how the mediums and seers in the Alliance are pleased to share their gifts during weekly sessions. 

But, Auckland is a pretty great place to live, and it’s pretty far away, so if you can convince some townspeople in the US or Russia or The Gambia  to pay $99 per year to join your alliance, this might be a really smart place to put your HQ. 

Most people would just pay their money and get the newsletter, done deal. For a select few true believers, you could arrange special séances. Those folks would be thrilled — trip of a lifetime! — to connect with their dearly departed in beautiful NZ , lying as it does at the convergence of three important Druidic Ley Lines and bubbling with barely repressed Volcanic Energy. 

And for any not-so-happy customers who might seek satisfaction, it’s probably best to be on the other side of the world, in a country with quite strict gun laws. 

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