When some of the original invitees cancelled, Lee and I got to join my new friends at HealthLink for the gala awards banquet hosted by Air New Zealand for businesses that export stuff… increasing exports is a national economic priority. 

The dinner was fun, although like all awards ceremonies it went on too long… the emcee Kerre McIvor was a hoot, the food was better than I had any right to expect, and the after-dinner entertainment was good too, if slightly surreal: a local guy of Polynesian descent belting out rat pack / goombah favorites. Mambo Italiano… there, now it’s in your head too. 

HLK came in second in the small service business category, losing to another software house. The entrants were heavily slanted toward agri-business. In fact, all three entrants in the large business category were dairy producers. I was glad not to be in competition with the firm that exports bovine artificial insemination training materials, including a life sized, anatomically correct cow nether parts. 

I’m still waiting to get photos of us from other people and will add those later. I had to rent a tux, since mine didn’t fit in the suitcase (or all that well around my waist, truth be told). So, don’t blame me for the clip-on tie. 

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