Things That Are Backwards or Must Be Relearned

Cars, of course. Not so bad when they’re going straight, but when they turn right it’s totally alien. 

Keep left while on the sidewalk or stairs. 

Northern exposure means sunny. 

English. OMG. 

Light switches (down is on). 

The winter solstice today. 

The metric system. 

Making change (they gave up pennies and nickels, and there’s a 20 cent piece instead of a quarter)

Flat white. 

Birds, trees. 

Pies are mostly savory. 

Healthcare is part of the deal. 

I have a thick accent. 


The high price of just about everything. And that’s a price usually quoted  by the week, not the month. 

Taxes. Automatically withheld by your bank, so most people don’t have to file a return. 

“Average” weight. A crowd of people here is built about like the US crowd that would be running a 10K. 

As far as I know, however, water in the toilet swirls down in the same direction. 

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