Our Enemy’s Cup

We were fortunate the other weekend to catch the final performance in the debut run of Our Enemy’s Cup, a story of the French Resistance by local auteur Michael Nethercott.

In the picture, he is standing in front of the historically significant theater curtain (go to this page and search for Charles Washington Henry in the dropdown for more) at Guilford’s Broad Brook Grange. The curtain seemed to have a life of its own at times during the show.

The production had all the unevenness of a local amateur theater production. Still, I thought it was very moving. In these times, we do well to remember the perils of complacency, of resistance, and even of simple human decency when faced with an implacable enemy. During the show, we heard the news that Emmanuel Macron had defeated Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election, which came as a great relief to us.

We’ve run into Michael and his daughter Genna before, in her theatrical and literary pursuits. Most recently we drank a toast to his departed Uncle Pat on St. Patrick’s Day. He’s every inch an example of Brattleboro at its most Brattle’ish.

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