It takes all kinds

to run a psych hospital. 

In our evening perambulations, we encountered a pair of people from Lee’s (former) work in wildly different contexts. 

These skateboards are named for Scotty Cavell Dixon, who’s a nurse when he’s not skating the giant ramp he made inside his house. 

And hidden back there on drums is Mike C, playing old-school punk rock with Zombie Beatdown. We listened to a few songs on the way home from elegant locavore dinner at TJ Buckley. The contrast between the two vibes, just a hundred or so yards apart, was almost too much.

It’s a very cool thing to have this town be the way it is and for all these people to be out there doing all their thangs all over the place. We will miss it if, say, we ever move to New Zealand or something. 

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