My Triumphant Return

To Pasadena isn’t a return at all… wrong state! But this Pasadena is at least named after my Pasadena. There are a lot of similarities, like both are places. In America. With people in them! But beyond that, I admit to focusing more on the differences in terrain and civic sense of self. 

Before my b-in-law moved here a couple years ago to turn over a new professional leaf and escape a horrendous commute from Katy, I’d only ever heard of Pasadena TX as the home of Gilley’s (mechanical bull, John Travolta, etc.). In fact, that was just down the street, but it’s long gone, and now there’s a middle school on the site. 

We crossed a giant bridge over the Ship Channel the other night. I wish I’d gotten a picture of the refineries (which are far more emblematic of this town than Gilley’s ever was) lit up like dystopian fairy castles, but our rental car was too low to really see over the side barriers. Which explains why everyone here drives such big trucks!!

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