The protests will continue until the world gets better

Back in Brattleboro, the usual suspects gathered on March 11 to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear plant meltdown. 

In today’s newspaper there’s a story that the Vernon, VT library will lose one of its staff due to budget cuts stemming directly from the closure of the nearby nuclear plant. 

It’s an unknowably complicated, interdependent world, and we as individuals don’t have a lot of control over the forces that make it work. So, standing on the street with a sign and some like-minded comrades is probably about as good as anything. Butterfly wings, hurricanes, etc. 

2 thoughts on “The protests will continue until the world gets better

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    1. I saw that story and I mostly agree. I would be skeptical in the specific case that he is in fact using that community to sell books, but overall, actual participation in the actual process seems like the thing that must be tried. Alternately boring and difficult, local government nonetheless still works.


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