Masque-ical mystery tour

Last night we hosted a murder mystery party. It’s something we’ve done a few times before, always a good way to tease a little theater out of people from whom you might not expect it. The pacing of this kit, which was all mingling and noshing, worked better than some others with a big elaborate meal. 

Lee and Kim put in a ton of planning, and it all went off beautifully. We had a character named Gary played by a guy named Gary, an electrician played by an electrician, and I even got to play a sleazy, er, misunderstood, computer consultant. 

The theme was a masked ball in the castle. Everyone had a motive to kill the victim, who after being stabbed in the bathroom had to spend the rest of the evening in an orange vest and a lighted marabou-trimmed halo: a fate worse than death?? And everyone had a few drinks, including, naturally, Bloody Mary shots. 


I’m the man in gray (bonus points for Specials fans who know the next line of that song). And technically Gary was in gray while I was in pewter…

And then, mystery solved, it was all over… if anybody wants to come by this weekend, there’s leftovers!

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