Samirah Evans

On a recommendation from the guys at last Wednesda’s open jam at the VT Jazz Center, we went to Samirah Evans‘s autobiographical show last Friday at the library.
So how did a New Orleans jazz singer end up in Brattleboro? I appreciate a long story, and she told us one, but I’ll cut to the chase. She was flooded out by Hurricane Katrina.

Accompanied by piano and bass as she was, it might have been a nice evening of music, perhaps a little too low-key and heavy on the slow songs. The comically white, sporadically arrhythmic, but earnestly well-intentioned backup singers lent a whiff of farce.

Unfortunately, I thought the sharing of her personal stories went a bit far… more than I needed to know, and, I suppose like anybody’s unembellished personal story, without any discernible point or lesson. Good shit happens, and bad shit, and unexpected shit.

Someday I will go to a regular Samirah show for drinking and dancing, and I think it will be more fun.

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