An exuberance of festivals 

It was big times in little ol’ Brattleboro this weekend. 

The Tiny House Festival got a ton of press, but we were not impressed. For the money, you can buy a really nice RV, with a much better use of space. 

There were some cool designs, but overall, meh. 

And speaking of RVs, it was time for the twice-annual all-night contra dance, so our parking lot completely filled up with conveyances big and small. 

With our visiting friends to back us up, and some liquid courage (the monkey glands were just the beginning), we asked to go in and take a look. Wow! It was much more graceful and fun to look at than we had thought. The people we talked to were super nice, if perhaps a tad eager to introduce us to their cult, er, hobby.  

The next day, after Brian and Denise got on the road to their newly empty nest, we went to the Guilford Fair, our second visit. 

The draft horse pulling is still the biggest draw, and quite a sight. The teams can all pull a 5,000 lb. sled with no trouble, and the best of them can move 8,500 a few feet. 

But there’s more… including a surprising number of things you can win a prize for. There were a lot of blue ribbons given out. 

I have a feeling that many divisions were uncontested, but the whoopee pie contest was fierce. 

And of course the livestock barn…

And the show ring…

And then it’s back to school, and the harvest picks up, and we await the leaf-peepers next month, and then we start to think about cold days. But not yet. 

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