Give a man an earthmover and he’ll dig things up for a day. But teach a man to make the earth move, and he’ll always have a date. 

Or something like that. 

See that guardrail in the background? Before that went in a couple years ago, they just plowed the snow over the edge. Now, they push it into a nice neat pile with bigass bucket loaders, then later they scoop it into dump trucks and take it to Area 51 where it’s used to keep the aliens cool. All good, and vital to our national security. 

The problem comes when the dump truck is in between trips. For those minutes, the guy in the giant bucket loader doesn’t have anything to do. Bored, he drives back and forth tidying up the snow pile. I mean, it’s gotta be kind of fun… ok, Disneyland fun in my opinion… to drive one of those things, and I would do the same. Scrape, lift, push, lift, sprinkle, scrape, repeat, until every little snow lump is piled just up to the angle of repose. 

As shown here, all that futzing around with a snow pile centered on the foreground guardrail does have consequences…

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