I love a man in corduroy

Last night we went to NECCA’s annual Circus Spectacular fundraiser at the Latchis. We splurged on VIP tickets, which bought us a nice cocktail reception across the street at the Brattleboro Museum.

We ran into our contractor and his wife, and a couple of people L has met in her German Wheel class. Other performers and volunteers kept things interesting, as shown above. These two stole the show at The Flying Nut in December, keeping up a running commentary and proving that clowns don’t have to be scary, just snarky.

When we marched from the reception to the show, circus parade style, stopping traffic, and I was escorted by these two lovelies AND by the girl that brung me, let’s just say that a few other graybeards were thinking that maybe they too should invest in a chick magnet corduroy sport jacket.

The show itself was great, a hodge-podge of circus acts showing off the wide range of talent of the school’s instructors and students. The twin sister founders Elsie and Serenity did a great pairs trapeze act, L’s German Wheel teacher Zeb did a really neat duo act, and all sorts of other acts high and low kept things moving from start to finish. The clowns were funny, too, but for me the highlight of the show was the mime, who did three numbers, all really different, and all wonderful.

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