Two winters in one year

One could argue that we switched hemispheres at exactly the wrong time of year. Just as Brattleboro was warming up and the days were long, we went to short days and “winter” all over again. 

All that said, things could be worse. 

Belated Easter pics

Been a little lax on the blogging these last few weeks. Here are some memories from a wonderful Easter dinner with the Provs. It was such a warm, beautiful day, and you can’t go too far wrong with a spiral cut ham…

C’mon spring!

The not-just-Christmas cactus is giving it one big push, encouraging all those poor outside plants to push through and bloom. 

Skip to Milou

Somebody made a very artful snowdog outside the Co-op. He’s got an expertly smudged face, an eager stance, and even a little rock poo. 

He reminds me of Tintin’s dog Milou, who in English is known as Snowy, which has always sort of bothered me (and I’m not alone). 

Never eat anything bigger than your head

The Christmas roast Sherry found by working a contact in the restaurant business. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but after feeding about 15 people to torporous excess AND providing big to-go slabs for those who wanted, there was still a whole bunch left over. 

Merry Christmas 2016

We had a wonderful Christmas morning at home, with presents and treats for all. The cats are basically drunk with flowers and ribbons and paper everywhere. 

Even the birds got a fresh batch of seeds. 

The tree gained an octopus and a seal, because why not?

It was a snowy pre-Christmas, and today we’ll have more melting. 

We are thinking of friends and family near and far, and how fortunate we are this day. We wish everyone who sees this a merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and happy new year. 

Lick the pipe and let’s be irie 

St. Martin Christmas is necessarily different than Vermont Christmas. The weather doesn’t change, you’ve got all kinds of cultures and traditions bashed up against each other, and like two thirds of the people here today won’t actually be here in two weeks. 

Still and all , it’s Christmas for sure. The title of this post is a line from a song I heard on two different stations on a half-hour drive yesterday. Sing it to Deck the Halls, and if you don’t know what it means exactly, like me, I’ll venture a Freudian translation: sometimes a pipe is just a  way to commune with Jah in a way that is recently legal in several states, and then again sometimes it isn’t. 

On the boardwalk, there’s a giant ornament to take pictures in. 

The Harbormaster’s office is a study in tasteful restraint. 

And there are a few Griswolds among us…

High tech deco 

Somehow my heart hasn’t been in the activities of Christmas decorating the past few years. I still love the ornaments and the swagged garland and the balsam candle and all of it. But the actual weekend of unpacking and installing makes me suddenly too tired to get off the couch. I’m glad that Lee had the energy and motivation to do all the work!

My new programmable LEDs allowed me to make a big impact with little work… yay! And I get to change them for every holiday!

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