September showers bring…

You can tell that I’ve manipulated the colors in this wisteria picture. They’re not really this purple. But they make such a vivid impression that I wanted to convey, so I added drama… 

This tree, on the other hand, really is as yellow as this. 

These flowers are really common landscaping plants. You can’t quite tell from the picture how large this tree is. It has 4-5 main trunks, growing out quite horizontally, and each one is the size of a normal “big tree.”

Marigot after Irma

marigot 2marigot

Last December, we enjoyed a super-relaxing vacation in St. Martin. Today, I googled around for photos of the devastation from Irma last week. Yikes.

These two photos are from in front of the cemetery that we overlooked from our AirBnB apartment… the very same apartment we spent some time dreaming about investing in. The pictures in my post RIP are taken from inside the cemetery, and the masts in the background of my pics could easily enough be from the actual boats shown here. Again, yikes.

Today, it’s Florida’s turn, and we are hoping that the many people we know and know of down there are safe and sound.