On the ground in New Orleans

I’m headed home today after a successful week of standards development in New Orleans. I did manage to get morning and evening walks most days, and I ate and drank well all week. No complaints at all.

But the Spanish moss and wrought iron pictures just weren’t happening for me, so I reverted to type and snapped pics of the vibrant and varied access covers. So many!

This one was everywhere

A torrent of water meters

The old (left) and the new

Somewhere in between

Gas meters often painted yellow

My old friend the Neenah Foundry

Sewer Jones USA Pride. For some reason I’m reminded of Donald’s mental fitness exam a few years ago.

In addition to Western Union, there are old Bell System and AT&T covers, as well as newer Cox etc, all representing the communications infrastructure.
Best name

The sewer ones are unadorned

Crescent? Central? Cajun? Electric Light and Power Co

Compare to the previous one. This must’ve been end of shift, got tired of lining up all the little treads.

So much history, or at least stories, are represented here.

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