This week, I’ve been at a work thing in beautiful Rotorua, about three hours south of Auckland. I’m not sure why it’s called Rotovegas, but it is, so roll with it. There was a dinner outing at the Skyline Gondola, which would be one of the smallest ski areas in America if it were a ski area. Or in America. Here, I’m just about to get on the little luge cart thingy and careen (career? both?) down the rain-slicked track. Way fun, and no scars unlike the last time I tried this with Frank in Utah. 

This is the museum building, closed indefinitely pending seismic upgrades. Sad. In the foreground, people play croquet, not sad at all. 

Rotorua is known for its stinky hot springs, which are literally everywhere… most of the town is powered by the abundant geothermal energy. Here are a couple shots of some outdoor springs in parks around downtown…

More hot springs in another post. 

And actually, more of everything in another post… it’s time to go sit in the hot tub. 

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  1. Two of the great benefits of a seismically active area: hot springs and plentiful geothermal energy. Not to mention the great scenery. We won’t mention the occasional downside….

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