Fort Louis 

Just at the edge of town lie the ruins of Ft. Louis. In the evenings this is all lit up with blue, white and red lights. 

According to the interpretive placards, hardy groups of French settlers spent more than 100 years arriving and settling, and then just when they got settled, the British would come in, steal what they could, and burn the rest. The cycle repeated with sad regularity. 

Finally a new French governor came in the 1770s and said “You know, if we put a couple of guns on that hill, nobody could land here without permission.” Many of the settlers said “Great idea” while a few old-timers said “THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO FUCKING TELL YOU FOR OVER 100 YEARS.”

It worked. And then peace broke out, and that was that. 

So now, we get to hike up there and ponder the lessons and the view. 

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