Accidents waiting to happen 

Scuba diving is mostly about diving, but if you’re a certain kind of person, it’s also about merit badges. 

Today I completed the requirements for being certified as a Rescue Diver. An ounce of first aid, and a pound of preparation and prevention. 

As always in my underwater career, today’s dive went off without any serious problems. The dive center people, although probably underpaid, are exceptionally qualified. The equipment is reliable. The Caribbean is benign. 

But, getting ready to go out, I saw my fellow travelers in a new light. Will his wetsuit rip the rest of the way? In all the hustle and bustle, will somebody forget to buckle something, possibly resulting in Scenario 5 (Distressed Diver Underwater)? What if those bloodshot eyes are an early warning for Too Much Partying the Night Before?

Thanks no doubt to my added vigilance, all contretemps were avoided, the fish swam past obligingly, the little semi-tame moray eel flexed his jaws menacingly, and everybody made happy memories. Whew! Good thing I was there.  Now if I could only find a way to save these poor souls more than just one week each winter!

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